Players Responsibilities

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Match Day

Players are requested to arrive on match days no later than 30 minutes before the start time.  Players who have been selected and are unable to play must inform the Captain and/or Vice-Captain of the change as early as possible. As you can read on the back of the fixture card, the captain, vice-captain and any captain for the day will select teams including finding any replacements.


The Bar Secretary will either run the bar or appoint a bar supervisor for matches.  The Bar Secretary / supervisor will co-opt players to assist in serving drinks and collect glasses during the busy post match period.  They are also responsible for the closing down and securing of the strong room, and pavilion.


The selection committee will appoint a player to be responsible for the BBQ on match days which will be indicated on the team sheet in advance.  That player must ensure the BBQ is set up ready to cook immediately after the match.  This includes BBQ, gas bottle, serving table, umbrella, utensils, bread rolls, condiments, napkins and BBQ food ready.  They must cook, serve, collect BBQ tokens, clean up and pack away once finished.  This requires the player to stay after the match for several hours to ensure this task is completed and not left to others.

If for any reason the appointed BBQ person is unable to perform their duty they must inform the selection committee before match day to ensure someone else is appointed in time.  All players should expect to be on "BBQ duty" at least once during the season.

Match Teas

Please be aware that all players are responsible for doing 'a cricket tea' at least once a season.  Please sign up via our doodle site

Don't wait - fill it in now!  The rota will also be displayed in the pavilion but you must sign up online.  If you prefer to share tea duties with a friend then that is fine but, as a pair you must provide two teas during the season.

We are very lucky to be able to call on the services of Karen Goddard who has said, "I will be happy to do teas as and when you require them if I am available."  If you do want Karen to do your tea duty for you, please contact her in good time (at least three weeks out) and be available to help with setting up and washing up.  You can of course add to Karen's tea if you want to amaze us with your British Bake Off beating cake but all of the tea money goes to Karen when she is asked to help.  Please confirm with Karen at least two days before the match that she is still okay to do the tea.

Please refer to your pre-season letter for Karen's contact details.

For those new to teas (or those like me, who can’t remember from year to year!).  You will need:

  • 4 loaves of sandwiches
  • 40 portions of cakes, biscuits or scones (~ 4 cakes)
  • 3 pints of milk
  • turn on the urn in plenty of time
  • and don’t forget those tea towels

Remember when doing teas, it is that is quite a big job and it includes the preparing and the cleaning up afterwards.