Your club needs you!

Your club needs you!

Be a willing volunteer.

Would you be interested in helping out the club? We need help in two important areas. Firstly, with Dr. Nick’s retirement, his two grounds assistants Simon Pettit & Nick Moorman need others to help with the preparation of the ground. You don’t need to have any experience as Nick is going to be on hand to guide us from afar and those who have done it before are very willing to show you how to do the various tasks.

Ideally, we need lots of people to volunteer to take a turn driving the tractor to cut the outfield, prepare the wicket or mend a mower if you are mechanically minded. There are weekly jobs and occasional jobs. Nick’s latest report to the committee will give you more of a flavour (follow the link below).

Groundsmen Report 2020

We also need someone to coordinate all the volunteers. Make sure each task is done in good time before each match etc. Again, help would be on hand to get this role started and it’s positions like this that help to make the season go smoothly and allow us all to enjoy our cricket to the max.

If you’re interested, please let Pete know or if you’d just like a chat about it first, give him a call on 07785 321114. You can also sign up to the 2021 rota via the button below.

The second role(s) is beer related and Pete outlines what’s needed below. Sales from the bar help to pay for the upkeep of the club and can be fun to do. We need a co-ordinator and volunteers so read on and get in touch if you can help.


Thank you,

Mark Ford-Langstaff (on behalf of the committee).



We are acutely aware that the profit facilitated from our bar allows the club to run on a near breakeven footing. As you’ll see from the 2020 accounts at the AGM, the cost to the club of not running the bar. Ideally we would like to get a volunteer to coordinate a team of helpers to effectively run this revenue stream. Do not be daunted by the task, as the more volunteer helpers we get the less each has to do, and individual tasks are not too onerous. The responsibilities cover working with the Treasurer to initially stock the bar (help is available), then to monitor usage and restock as necessary. To cash up at the end of the evening and complete the takings analysis, leave in the strong room for the Treasurer to collect. Secure the premises before leaving (suggested 9pm latest). These tasks can be shared amongst a team of willing volunteers, and the coordinator would be part of that team. The coordinator would be on the Club Committee to report any concerns or requirement to help run the facilities smoothly. If you are interested in helping the Club either as the coordinator or as a volunteer helper please contact any of the current committee as soon as possible, these positions are open to all members and VPs, the more we get the less each one has to do!

Many thanks

Peter van de Kerkhof


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