MSCC v Oxfordshire County Council Staff CC

MSCC v Oxfordshire County Council Staff CC

MSCC won the toss and elected to bat first. Jacob Ford-Langstaff hit a fine 50 retired (his first for the club). He was ably assisted by his father, Mark and then Howard Lancaster. Both sprinted hard and puffed harder in an effort to keep up with the younger, fitter F-L. They didn't.

Oxfordshire County Council Staff CC chased down the runs with 7 balls or so to go.

The undoubted highlight of this occasion was when it all ended. On another hot day, and with darkness descending, it was a delight to open the bar and have our first BBQ in two seasons. The injured but back soon, Tim House who had earlier done the scoring and scoreboard, served beer and cooked sausages whilst Rona helped serve them. A fine example of the spirit of cricket and how it should be upheld even from beyond the boundary.

Mark Ford-Langstaff

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