We have decided to start using a mobile app called InstaTeam to help us with selection and communications. Dealing with over 50 emails a week has become unworkable. Emails get missed, go straight to junk and take a huge amount of time to deal with (think huge spreadsheet manually updated). InstaTeam is a much better solution.

InstaTeam will allow the selection committee to provide you with the ability to sign up to our fixtures using the app and enable quicker communications between us. Team members, VP's and social members will also be able to communicate with one another without knowing each other’s contact info. All of this will happen via your smartphone once you have downloaded the app.

Everything is set up and ready to go. Once you have created an account on InstaTeam and signed in, one of the selection committee will approve you and you will be able to let us know what matches you are available for this season.

Making yourself available for selection does not guarantee you will be selected. Team sheets will continue to be posted online here and it is the responsibility of all players to check this for selection.

Signup Instructions

Step 1:

Visit 'Google Play' on your Android device (e.g. Samsung, Motorola) or visit 'App Store' on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and search for the "InstaTeam Team" App.

Step 2:

Follow the instructions provided to create a new account or login using your existing Facebook or Google account.
Step 3:

To find Middleton Stoney Cricket Club, you can search for the team "Middleton Stoney Cricket Club" or our code which is, "FRDYCW".


Step 4:

Click on our name and then click Join. It would be helpful if you could add your email and contact phone number to your profile. These will be kept private.


Step 5:


Using the app, navigate to Events from the top menu where you will find our fixtures. You will need to indicate your availability for each match by touching the word, "Attendance" and choosing an option. This can be amended should you change your mind but will be locked down a few days before each match. If you find you need to drop out at the last minute email or call the captain as in previous years. You can also notify the selection committee using the apps chat facility (under Inbox then choose Selection Committee and send a message)


See you on InstaTeam.




Before contacting the selection committee with any questions, it would be appreciated if you read the FAQ's section of the InstaTeam website which you will find here.

Of course, we will be happy to help if you get stuck and in that event please contact Mark Ford-Langstaff in the first instance. For current members, Mark's contact details are in the fixture card sent out before the season starts. New members can contact Mark via the contact form here.